Sweet To The Soul

Shook off some words that were said to me. They hurt. They brushed up against an insecurity that I had already given language to.


Words. I admit that I too have been ignorant of the power they hold.

Both divisive and unifying.

With the ability to tear down and build up.

Acting as daggers that leave us wounded and balms that help us heal.

Ignorance isn’t bliss- it’s just ignorance.

With words, ignorance isn't bliss- it's just ignorance. And for beings who hold the power of life and death in our tongues, we really can't afford to be ignorant about the effects our words can have. We can't afford to throw them around aimlessly at each other (or toward ourselves) without intention or thought.

It's human after all. But instead of getting comfortable with something that is a result of being an imperfect being, I find it essential we pay compassionate attention to our humanity. That we pay attention to what we allow to enter our hearts, our minds, because it's showing itself in the words flowing out of our mouths.

Your words matter- a cliche to some, but in reality we are all walking around with wounds caused by words that were thrown our way. On the flip side, we have all been the reason why someone else may be walking around with wounds caused by our words. Let us choose mindfulness over ignorance- being mindful and considerate of the words we choose to speak.

Let us choose mindfulness over ignorance.

May we have the wisdom to watch the words we say and the discernment to notice the ones we’ve been holding on to.

May we cultivate a lifestyle that allows for times of thoughtful consideration to the things that we allow in, and the words that we allow to flow out.

"Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body." Proverbs 16:24