So...What's Next?

"Where do I go from here?" With this one question, I end up discrediting what "here" could be teaching me.


Being present in the now has always seemed to require a lot of work for me. It's a time frame often neglected or overlooked in anticipation of what's to come. I mean granted, we are bombarded with these sorts of questions all the time;

So, what's next for you? What are you doing next? Where are you going next? What are you doing after you graduate? What are you doing after that? When are you going to get married? Are you planning on buying a house? When are you planning on buying a house? Do you want kids, when are you going to have kids?

If we're taught to reach for what's next every time we arrive, how can we ever come to a place of contentment?

Perhaps some more powerful questions to ask ourselves are;

What is here?

What can I learn here?

In what ways am I growing here?

What do I have to offer here?

There is so much to discover about where you are right now. I tend to believe that I can only enjoy myself once the work is completed, once the hard part of the process is over. Yet, we are invited to experience the art of development right here. The journey is just as important as the destination, so choose to live in the present with the reality of the future.

Most of us don't fully know what we're getting ourselves into anyway, but we don't have to know all the details on how everything is going to unfold in order to be present in the process. Being so eager to ask "what's next?" every time we've arrived puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Goal setting is great, making plans for the future is great, but my goal should be to max out "here" so that when I eventually get "there", I'm all of who I need to be for that stage of life. Steward this season well.

Today, aim to maximize your "here."

Know that beyond the goals we set and the plans we make to contain our lives, beyond the milestones and achievements we tally, "here" counts too."Here" matters too. Even if "here" isn't the most desirable place to be.