Never Thirst Again

I find comfort in the discomfort around me.

With the discontentment within.

For it reminds me that my longing is for something that this earth can never give me.

Even so,

At times I still fail.

Attempting to fill up on things this world has to offer me,

Things that won’t suffice.

Drawing from wells that leave me more dehydrated than I was when I came.

But I know,

I know of One who offers water from a well that never runs dry.

Water that will leave me never thirsting again.

It springs forth, replenishing the dried up and hardened soils of my heart.

The One who offers it,

He meets me where I am but never leaves me as I came.

Strengthening me to move in this world as one who's belonging is rooted in Him.

What well are you drawing from?

For strength?

For longevity?


The longing is normal,

But the feeling of emptiness and dryness within that lingered moments after you went to the last "well",

It's a signal.

A signal that you shouldn’t draw from it again.

A signal to fill up,